Transfer out of State

Often times, there is a need to transfer your loved one out of state, or even out of the country to be laid to rest. Glick Family Funeral Home is fully capable of assisting you with this service. The Glick family has experience with transferring individuals both within the country and outside of the country. When your loved one passes, Glick Family Funeral Home can assist with all the necessary preparations and arrangements required. If transfer is within the United States, we can assist with both your services here in Boca Raton, if needed, as well as assist with setting up arrangements in your hometown. If it is necessary for your loved one to be transferred out of the country, Glick Family Funeral Home can assist you as well. Many times, international transfers can be somewhat complicated and there are legal steps that need to be arranged prior to transfer to another country. Glick Family Funeral Home has the knowledge and experience that is necessary to assist your family to ensure that the transfer of your loved one is completed timely, and without any problems.  

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