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Catholic Services

Glick Family Funeral Home has a strong relationship with the Catholic Church within our Community. Whether you have a relationship with St Joan of Arc, Ascension, St Jude, St Lucy, Our Lady of Lourdes, St John the Evangelist, St Vincent Ferrer, or St Ambrose, we can assist you with all your funeral planning and needs as we have served and supported these churches in the past. If you do not have a church home in our community, we can still assist with your funeral needs, as we have the local knowledge and relationship to contact churches, priests and deacons within our community that can assist with your funeral services.

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Catholic Funeral Home in Boca Raton, Florida

A Catholic funeral can be oneof the most moving rites of the church. Catholic funerals are steeped incenturies of tradition, and offer hope in eternal life and the body’s resurrection.During the funeral, this is a moment to reflect on faith, God, and prayer,while gathering together. While there are many traditional aspects to aCatholic funeral, there are many choices to be made. For example, whichBiblical passages will you read and what music will be played? Many familieswill consult with clergy regarding these decisions, or they will use Catholicfuneral services to assist them with the planning process, sometimes familiesreceive assistance from both clergy and a funeral home. The Glick FamilyFuneral Home offers Catholic funeral services in Boca Raton, Florida. If youare in the process of planning a Catholic funeral in Boca Raton, let the GlickFamily Funeral Home assist you with this process. 

Catholic Funeral Services:Many Options 

Modern Catholic funeralsinvolve many choices to be made. Cremation is permitted, but cremains areburied. Families will need to decide whether to cremate or to embalm and bury aloved one. Whether you choose to cremate or bury, you can choose to have aviewing beforehand. Families will need to decide whether they want the funeralto involve a mass. The Glick Family Funeral Home is a funeral parlor in BocaRaton, Florida who can help you navigate these choices. 

Even if you choose to hold amass, which will be arranged in consultation with your clergy, many familiesalso choose to hold a vigil. A Catholic vigil can be a beautiful moment toreflect and pray together with family and friends. Wakes and viewings allowfamily and friends to reflect on the gift of the loved one’s life and to honorthat gift. There are Catholic liturgical rites that can also take place duringyour vigil and wake. During the wake and vigil sometimes family and friendspractice a loved one’s favorite devotions. The vigil is also a wonderfulopportunity for family and friends to offer eulogies to the person who haspassed.

Choosing a cemetery is animportant part of this process. Many families choose the consecrated ground ofa Catholic cemetery, though other cemeteries might be used. This is your lovedone’s final resting place. 

If you are planning aCatholic funeral in Boca Raton, Florida, contact the Glick Family Funeral Hometoday. Our Catholic funeral services guide you through every step of the way.Planning a funeral can be an involved process, but you don’t need to do italone. Let the compassionate and caring Catholic funeral providers at the GlickFamily Funeral Home help you.

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“The old order has passed away:

welcome them into paradise,

where there will be no sorrow, no weeping orpain,

but fullness of peace and joy

with your Son and the Holy Spirit

forever and ever.” Traditional Catholic Prayer 

The Glick Family Funeral Homeis a funeral parlor in Boca Raton, Florida that meets the needs of Catholicslooking to hold a Catholic vigil, Catholic funeral, or wake. We can assist youwith the planning process and provide a funeral parlor where your family cangather to pray and remember your loved one. Contact the Glick Family FuneralHome today. A Catholic funeral can be as unique as the life and rituals yourloved one honored and practiced. 

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